(The Alchemy of Relationships)

The Self in Relationship is a four day programme which includes two evening sessions on the the second and third days.


In Jungian psychology the feminine is symbolised as the Soul and relationship, while the masculine is considered to be the Soul's energising Spirit. The feminine values are identified as feeling, intuition and spontaneity while the masculine is associated with truth, reason and justice. In order to beome a complete human being our inner masculine and feminine need to come together and embrace in equality as one and the same.

In terms of the neuroscience Jung would be referring to the integration of right and left brain functions.

In the life process our inner feminine and masculine pass through a series of stages of development. At each stage we experience a deeper level of love that purifies and awakens us. This results in a vast reservoir of feelings opening up in our heart bringing connection and understanding of our self and others. In the later stages the masculine and feminine aspects of our psyche come together in equality and balance resulting in a vision of life that is sacred and whole and in which all life is interconnnected and interrelated.

Sandplay therapy
Using sandplay and symbolism as a media through which to express our deepest sense of Self, and our life journey, we will work on the development of the inner and outer expressions of the masculine and feminine. We will trace the development of the masculine and feminine within ourselves, from our earliest beginnings to the final emergence of our true Self.

Utilising a series of partly guided sandplays and visualisations we will work on our evolving understanding of the feminine as Soul and the masculine as Spirit and come to a deeper understanding of the Self in relationship and our life's journey.

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